Friday, 6 September 2013

Make your life better with precise astrological advise !!

95% happiness depends on your chemistry with your life partner / spouse.
East or west both worlds are agree on this fact.

Wrong partner may cost your career , 
your day to day happiness and eventually lead to very costly divorce (God forbid ).

Astrology is ancient science and gift of god to us.
It can precisely predict the relationship between two person.

When you combine Indian astrology with Chinese astrology and interpret the results into the accurate  light of western  astrology. You will find very accurate results.

With the grace of almighty and my 20 years of experience in studying and observing relationship between two persons , I can say humbly that I can help you in understanding your relationship problems.

Yes , With the god grace I can claim that I can advise you on your relationship compatibility with very high accuracy.

Write down to me with  following details of  you and your partner.

  1. Full Name (First Name & Last Name ) (optional)
  2. Gender : M/F (Mandatory)
  3. Time of Birth : with AM/PM (Optional)
  4. DOB: Date of birth with year (Correct date birth gives accurate results) (Mandatory)
  5. Place of birth : City ,State , Country (optional)

Rate card 

1. Match with 1 possible partner -5 USD 
2. Match with 2 possible partner -8 USD 
3. Match with 5 possible partner -15 USD 
4. Match with 10 possible partner -25 USD 
5. Match with  50  possible partner/friend/colleges/ - 125 USD 

Send me details with your transaction id on following address

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